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  1. Sowega.net internet access service is intended for your personal or business use; the service is not transferable. That is, use of Sowega.net is expressly limited to you and your household or your employees. Account sharing is not allowed. In the case of schools and colleges, "employees" shall be construed to include their authorized students. Further, your subscription to Sowega.net does not allow you to resell, or otherwise provide Internet access or e-mail service to others not listed above. You must be at least 18 years of age to have an account with sowega.net.
  2. While we may provide basic software or render reasonable technical assistance pertaining to your use of Sowega.net, you are ultimately responsible for equipment and software necessary to connect to Sowega.net.
  3. You agree to not use Sowega.net in violation of the law or in a manner that we deem harmful or disruptive to us, our service providers, our customers, or others, whether users of the Internet or not. Unless required for proper and acceptable administration of the Internet as defined by us, the installation of programs on, or retrieval of data not specified by us to be public, residing in our computers, or those of our authorized representatives, shall be deemed to be disruptive and harmful to us--with particular emphasis being given to user names, log-on ID's. e-mail addresses, and other data affecting or pertaining to our customers.
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